It’s good to be high

It feels great to ride the wave of my runner’s high from Ragnar.  I feel like I can accomplish anything, like I am run-vincible.   After coming back from the dead in the middle of the night, to run a great 9.1, I feel like I have reached a new place. I can dig down deep and find strength I never knew existed.  I can push through impossible.  It left me hungry for the next challenge.

Not the next level, not a repeate of an old experience.  Something new.  Something to test the limits.


I’ve always told myself someday.  Someday I’ll do an ultra.  From the bliss of a race high this crazy idea sounds potentially doable.  So of course I do what any sane person would do when contemplating a wild idea: research.  Or in this case I googled it, found two articles that confirmed my suspicion that I too could run an ultra, skimmed them, then text my husband to share the idea.  It gets real if you tell someone.

Well, ok, more thought went into it that that- it was just years ago.  That counts right?  At one time I really did have my sights set on an ultra.  I read about Comrades in Runner’s World and I was hooked.  Then I followed that rabbit hole to Marathon Man to Born to Run to every article I could find at the time which narrated an ultra experience.

I was in awe of the idea: ultra.

And scared.  So, it went on the “someday” list.  But maybe someday has finally arrived.  Maybe now I’m old enough to let my pride go and sacrifice speed for distance.  (This is where I went wrong in both marathons- and what eludes me on every long run). Maybe  I’m ready to hit the trail instead of pounding the pavement.  Maybe it’s about running my race instead of racing.

Now that I have told you, your in on it too.  It’s the whole point of this blog really.  To share my love of running and hold my feet to the fire. Or at least to the miles.

Come to find out there is a whole series of ultras in my area…


2 thoughts on “It’s good to be high

    1. Honestly, the jury is still out. I’m exploring the Phil Maffetone method, but I haven’t done enough research yet to make up my mind. I’d like to find a good book on endurance running for guidance. I have a friend who says that you can do anything with a good book as a guide.


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