3 days in

Ok, so remember how I was going to give this new training philosophy a chance?  I’m 3 days in now, and I have gone from, “I’ll give it 9 months” to “I’ll give it one month and IF I see some progress I’ll consider going for four.”  Because it’s hard to go slow.

And I mean slooooooooooooooooooow.  Really slow.  Like 3-4 minutes slower than my normal pace kind of slow.  I’m moving so slow I think people probably feel bad for me when I “run” by.  I want to have a shirt made that explains “I’m trying heart rate training but I’m really faster than this- I’m just slowing down to improve my aerobic system.”  It seems like a lot to squeeze on a shirt, but at my pace they’ll have time to read it.  I’m going so slow that I am actually inconveniencing traffic.  Twice yesterday a car had to wait for me to clear the intersection before they could turn right… and wait and wait.  Long enough for them to give me the “come on” look.  One got impatient and swung wide around me instead of waiting for me to reach the curb.  I feel like Gran Master Oogway from Kung Fu panda- the slow tortoise.  I imagine I even look a bit like him when I run.  Hopefully, like him, I can rally some speed when needed.

Worse still, I can’t even fall into the run and enjoy it because I have to check my watch every few second to make sure my hear rate is still at the right place.  Which is frustrating.  Then, feeling frustrated causes my heart rate to go up and I have to slow down even more.  Therefore I am absolutely positive that this won’t work.  Mostly because I don’t want to do it.  Then again…

I finally got around to listening to the interviews about the  philosophy that my husband sent me.  I’ll concede that some of it might make sense.  Apparently this pace IS my level of aerobic fitness.  Maybe that is what the t-shirt should say.

One final note about going slow- my legs are sore in new places.  Which is weird.  I’ve been running enough that my legs don’t get sore from 4 miles.  And now they do because running slow is changing my gait.  Just another fun discovery on this journey.


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