Race photos: a cool dip in the icy waters of reality


When I’m running a race I feel good.  I’m wolf, sleekly crossing the landscape.  I’m all muscle, lean and fit.

Then I get my race photos back- and every single time I’m like- Damn, I look bad when I run.  (See exhibit A- my race photo from the 2010 San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon.)  My feet are barley off the ground, my face is beet red, I look like I’m walking through quicksand and what is that look on my face?  Joy?  Pain?  Confusion?  Plus, the time display doesn’t factor in that I am (obviously) not in the front row of runners… by the time my coral (perfectly named by the way) begins to walk in response to the gun, I have time to listen to an entire warm up song (“Let’s Get It Started” by The Black Eyed Peas) before we hit the start line.  This photo is not the runner I am.  Right?

I just got back my race photos from Ragnar and yes, every single one is bad.  I’m actually only pictured 4 times… In 3 out of the 4 I am in the background after handing off to a gazelle like teammate.  In the fourth I’m just standing there trying to catch my breath.  These are not the photos from the cover of Runner’s World.  (Though I secretly like to critique those runners with their giant strides as heal strikers- it makes me feel better.)  I guess this is a reason to keep racing… You here to PR?  Naw, I’m chasing a unicorn- a good race photo.


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