I have some serious brand loyalty going on when it comes to running shoes.  Brooks, all the way.  When I began running in high school, my cross country coach recommended Brooks, and it stuck.  In my life I have bought 0 pairs of “other brand” running shoes.  It’s Brooks every single time.  I’m even to the point now where I just take in my old shoes in to the local running store and say, “I want the new version of these.”  I give them the size, they find the shoe, I try them on… but that’s really only because it always seems really important to the sales associate.  I know what I like.

The unfortunate side of this is that I miss out on a slice of running culture- the running store.  And here in the Phoenix area that place is Runner’s Den.  It’s been in operation since 1978 and has the wonderful feel of a small business where the folks who work there love what they do.  They’ll talk to you about mileage, what your training for, upcoming races, the best in new gear… it’s an experience.  I always feel a little sad that my transaction goes by so quickly, that I have already pinpointed what I want.  Once I decided to go along for the ride and ended up buying two pairs of shoes, the Pure (pictured here in black) and my old standby, the Adrenaline.  Of course I hated the Pure and after a few months converted solely to the Adrenaline, but it was still fun to get caught up in thrill of the search for the perfect shoe.

End the end though, I already have it, the perfect shoe.  Or the perfect shoe for me at least.  The Adrenaline suits me.  I’m comfortable in them.  And I’ve never had a significant running injury.  They have taken me a lot of places, been there for the ups and downs of life and running.  They are good shoes that get the job done.  You just don’t turn your back on that kind of a friend.

As a side note, just after this picture was taken 4 of these pairs were donated.  And I’ve only acquired one new pair… so far.



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