My Running Log

I’ve kept track of every mile I have ran since February, 2007.  Including yesterday’s 4 miler, that would be 3795.68 miles.  At first glance it might sound like a lot, but closer examination revels that this is only a yearly average of 421 miles, which means that the monthly average is only 35 miles per month.  Truth be told there are months with 0 miles, and ones that are pretty high, but if we are talking averages… it’s really not that great.

I log all of these miles in an old ledger book.  I’ve grown so attached to it that when I ran out of pages I stated back through the book moving from end to start, writing on the back side of all each page.  I know in the digital age it would be easier to log my miles on the computer, I could probably even use the data to generate cool graphs, which would be neat.  But really it is the same info, and I do so love flipping though the pages.

Sometime I go over my log and think of how many miles I’ve covered.  Sometimes I think about how few.  I occasionally mine my log for data.  What year did I run the most?  Which have consistently been my best running months?  But mostly I keep it up so I don’t miss my 5k party.  When I hit 5,000 miles, I’m going to throw one hell of a 5k party.



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