Running Books: The genre that has it all!

Is it weird that I love to read about running?  From Runner’s World to Running with the Buffaloes to my new ultra running guides- I like it all.  I love to read the stories of the great athletes in our sport, to experience running through their eyes.  I like to see what’s new in gear, like to hear about all kinds of races, and read up on different training philosophies.  I’ll even admit that this is an area of my life where I allow my inner hoarder to come out- I actually keep files where I save great running articles, inspirational pictures and quotes and even a file of “someday races.”  I might be bordering on minor obsession.

I like reading about running because it’s real.  I can relate to what I’m reading and yet be in awe of it at the same time.  I have “empathetic tendencies” and have more than once found myself sobbing a long with a crushing defeat or weeping happy tears for a triumph.  This is a place where truth is better than fiction.  Where you can follow an odyssey, full of demons and anguish, and yet the hero you’ve been cheering for pulls through in the end and does the impossible.

You can also read up on all sorts of interesting topics.  I now know more than any normal person should about caring for and prevention of blisters and chafing.  From night running gear to navigating a water station, they cover it all.  One of my newest book even has a section on kidney failure.  Actual kidney failure, because while it is a worst case scenario, it is well within the realm of possible.  How great is that?  (Well, terrifying really.)  We’re getting real here people.

I love my running books.  I know it’s hard to believe, but not all of my friends and co-workers want to talk about running all the time.  But the books, they’re here for me.  Just waiting to bring up one of my favorite topics.  Running.


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