Lace ’em up

Remember how I went on and on about how wonderful spring is… well, I forgot the one major downfall of this season.  I forgot, until it slammed me in the face, kinda literally.  Allergies.  Spring is allergy season for me, and this year was bad.  Really bad.  I had to up from Claritin to Claritin D, add Flonase and use the neti pot and eye drops daily.  I even got desperate enough to try some interesting remedies including oil pulling, which is definitely not for me.  (Some people swear by it- to each their own.)  Even with all of this I had about two weeks were I was still barely functioning, terrible sinus pressure, headaches, cough, runny nose, thousands of sneezes- the works.  I was miserable.  The folks at work kept saying I should just go home, but when you are allergic to air- there is just no escaping it.  So, I sat and sneezed in my office for 9 hours a day which was a nice change of scenery from sneezing at home.  The only thing I couldn’t power through was running.  I just couldn’t go out there, with my cough and my terrible sinus headache, and run.  Especially on the windy days.  I just couldn’t do it.

So I had a little hiatus.  Then I started to get it under control and I finally made it out on Saturday.  I went for an easy four and it wasn’t too bad.  I have  a lingering cough and I can tell it will take a week or so to get back into it.  But it is time.  Lace ’em up.


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