Chasing Goals: Running Motivation

What’s the best way to keep up your running motivation?  Sign up for a race, of course!  So that is what I have done.  Twice, actually. My team had a great time running Ragnar Del Sol last year, we had such a good time that there was instant buzz about a repeat performance in 2017.  12 runners, over 200 miles, 2 van, no sleep- what’s … Continue reading Chasing Goals: Running Motivation

Traitor to the Yogi side

I have always thought yoga was cool- I have a bit of a “Bohemian soul” that yoga speaks to.  I’ve tried take yoga classes several times throughout my life.  But, as you know if you have ever attended a yoga class, they like to maintain a quiet, calm environment.  I always end up sitting in the back giggling, so it never really worked out for … Continue reading Traitor to the Yogi side