I am a terrible blogger

Well, obviously.  April 4th was my last blog post- that’s almost 5 months of silence.  Read anything on how to get a blog up an running and you will see that this is number one on the what not to do list.  Oops.  I have a whole list of excuses if you’d like to hear them.  But mostly it boils down to something shiny caught my eye and I followed it down a rabbit hole that was far far away from the blog.  So where was the rabbit hole?  I found a few…  On the beach, working on my tan- you can’t blog there, the tan lines would be way to weird.  Camping, we like to get away and unplug but no internet= no blog posts.  Working, they actually frown on the pursuit of personal blogging during work hours.  Plus, this is really intended to be a blog about running and since my last post I’d gotten lazy, stopped running and then started back up again.  So, as you can see consistency isn’t my strong suite.  But, I will try to be occasionally entertaining.


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