Chasing Goals: Running Motivation

What’s the best way to keep up your running motivation?  Sign up for a race, of course!  So that is what I have done.  Twice, actually.

My team had a great time running Ragnar Del Sol last year, we had such a good time that there was instant buzz about a repeat performance in 2017.  12 runners, over 200 miles, 2 van, no sleep- what’s not to love?  (Several people I chatted with last week actually thought it was funny when I was talking about joining up again because “it was so much fun” given what happened at Del Sol 2016.)  My team was largely comprised of teachers, so as the start of school called us back together, we began to plan our 2017 team.  As soon as the first e-mail came out I replied “In” and that was that- I’m on the team.  Race booked, motivating goal on the horizon: March 2017.

Meanwhile, there was a faction of the team who really wanted to give the Ragnar McDowell Mountain Trail race a try.  It is also a local race, gotta love Phoenix where we get excellent weather for Fall, Winter and Spring races.  (There are some crazy summer ones too- challenging just because of the heat, but more on that another day.)  Now this Ragnar is a trail running race with a team of 8 where you camp out and run loops out from the base.  Sounds fun, right?  In.  November 2016.



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