Free Pass

I work at a school.  More specifically, I am on the admin team, so during the first week of school I spend a lot of time moving around making sure things are running smoothly and helping out where needed.  Every year I tell myself that no matter what, I will keep up my running schedule when school starts.  And every year the first week kicks my ass and I end up barely running.  This week was the first week of school.  According to my Vivofit (which is a Garmin activity tracker) I walked 18,040 steps on Monday.  In heels.  On Tuesday I wore slightly more sensible, but still work style shoes, and walked 18,475 steps.  Garmin Connect tells me that is 7.49 miles.  I’ve gotten up by 4:30 everyday and I haven’t gotten home until after 5:00.  So I have decided to give my self a free pass.  I get to skip my regular morning runs on school days this week and just do my yoga each evening.  Next week I’ll get back into it, but this week I’m tired.  Because hey, walking over 7 miles in heels is a killer calf workout.


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