Relentlessly Cheery

I am a happy person.  I wake up chipper and chatty and most days that is how I stay.  I’m cheerful.  Once might say relentlessly cheerful.  I realize this is not a quality that everyone appreciates.  When we were first married my husband and I had quite a few lengthly discussions about whether or not one could possibly have anything to say when they first wake up in the morning.  He, not being a morning person, took against and I, knowing that the best ideas sprout up in the morning, took pro.  We had many spirited debates on the matter before he gave in and just started nodding along as I chattered away each morning.

The e-mail went out this weekend to my Ragnar Del Sol team about dividing up into vans.  Most of our runners are educators so there was some talk about splitting by level: elementary vs. junior & high school.  In this scenario the numbers don’t quite work out so we would need one elementary runner to bump up.  In my response I indicated that I was good with either van.  (I taught middle school for a few years so I can hang.)  I also added the warning that I am relentlessly cheery.  I feel like that is the kind of information that van mates need to know before committing to spending 30 hours straight with me.  Luckily the team captain threw me a solid- while she agreed that it was true, I was in fact relentlessly cheery, she also noted that it could be good for morale at 2:00 in the morning.  I’m not sure what van I’ll end up in, but at least they will have all the facts before they decide to join or banish me.


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