The Switch

Overall, the weather in Phoenix is pretty good for running.  It’s hot in the summer (really hot) so you have to get up pretty early, but its doable.  What we pay for in the summer we more than make up during the fall, winter and spring.  All three are perfect for running.  Even if you head out in the afternoons on the coldest “winter” day, the sun will be out and you’ll be just fine in short-sleeves.

The duality of our weather, hot and not, mean that twice a year I have to do a switch.  When things heat up I switch my training from evening to morning.  Every time it feels like I’ll never be able to get in the habit of getting up THAT early, but eventually I make it.  (Usually I oversleep the first few days, but that means I have to run in the afternoon heat so by the third day I am sufficiently motivated.)  Then there is the switch back, where I start back up with afternoon runs and feel tired from the day and sluggish.  But this too shall pass.

I don’t think we have arrived at the actual switch yet this fall, but we had a nice storm today so it was cloudy this afternoon and we only topped out at 87 versus our normal high of 100+ this time of year.  It was humid and of course I was sluggy and tired from work, but it was nice to be out in the evening.  (It felt a bit like running through warm molasses and I had to cut a mile off my usual run, but hey- I did it.)  Plus I have the added bonus of already logging my run, so now I get to sleep in tomorrow which means I can stay up a little later tonight.  Nice- a perk of the switch.


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