Ringing in the New Year: Killer Leg Cramp

I’m not gonna lie, I have a touch of a Bohemian soul.  I like  natural, homeopathic, organic, eco-friendly options.  So, when I stepped on a bee before the Ragnar race and one of my teammates offered ointment while another offered lavender essential oil, I went with the lavender.  I don’t know if it helped or not, but I think I would have felt the same about the ointment.  That same lavender carrying friend told us about a range of essential oils that she uses regularly.  I’ll admit, I know that essential oils are big right now, but I haven’t really gotten into them.  They overwhelm me, so every time I get in oil research mode it wears me out and I give up.  I feel like I need a guide book to figure out what’s what.  I’m just too busy and not interested enough to dedicate that kind of time- I’ve already got several hobbies I don’t have time to indulge in, I don’t need to add to the list.

But, if you can make the idea of essential oils easy- I’m in.  So, let’s revisit that oil carrying friend from Ragnar.  She had another little bit of magic in her bag: Badger Sore Muscle Rub.  This is a balm made with cayenne pepper and ginger and my friend swore by it.  So, I gave it a shot- and I’m hooked.  I’ve been using it regularly on sore muscles since November and have been happy with the results.  It feels good, smells great plus it it is organic and the company is a certified B Corp.  (From the Badger website: “Being a certified B Corporation means that Badger meets rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.”)  Which is pretty cool.


What made me think of this today, you ask.  Well, sometime in the wee hours of the morning I had a wake-you-up, cry-out-in-pain, thrash-around kind of a leg cramp in my calf.  It was intense and painful and even after it released, my leg had a tight feeling that left me worried it would cramp up again if I tried to stretch it.  When I woke up this morning my leg was so sore I had a limp.  It took me an hour to stretch it out enough that I was walking normal and my run, well, it was painful.  After my run I thought a hot shower would help, but the mere pressure applied to my calf when I ran the loofa over it caused a wince.  So, after the shower I got serious and busted out the Badger.  That coupled with my DYI rice heat pack and it is finally feeling better.  And that is were I am currently, sitting on the couch, leg on a heat pack thinking about sore muscle rub and I decided it was time to share how I feel about Badger with you good people.  And it’s not just their sore muscle rub- I also like their Headache Soother.  (That is a whole other story, the short version is: Two decades of TMJ pain- jaw pain induced headaches- too much aspirin- stomach ulcer- a sudden need to find a headache cure that isn’t aspirin- Headache Soother.)  I like their products so much in fact that I bought a few new ones to try out the other day.  If you are so inclined you can check out Badger here.  By the way, I’m not an affiliate or anything- just a fan.



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