Desert Running

Phoenix, Arizona is located in the Sonoran Desert.  This desert is home to a lot of interesting creatures: scorpions, rattlesnakes, gila monsters, brown recluse spiders and around 4.5 million people in the Phoenix metro area.  I am one of those people.  I live in Goodyear, a western suburban city of the metro area.  

In Phoenix you can expect regular high temperatures over 110 in the summer months.  We are not there yet, but the heat is creeping in.  Today, March 8th, the high was 85, by Saturday it will be 90.  Once it heats up running becomes a thing of the wee small hours in the morning.  So I’m trying to soak in our very short window of spring.  I’ve been enjoying running in the warm sun and seeing all the flowers bloom.  Gotta enjoy it now because in another month or two, I’ll only see the world in the predawn glow of my headlamp.  


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