I just ran at 2:00 in the afternoon; it was 95 degrees out with full sun and absolutely brutal.  If you recall, I live in the desert, and while desert plants are beautiful, shade isn’t really their thing.  Those that are big enough to cast some shade in a yard certianly aren’t big enough for that shade to reach runners on the sidewalk.  So, while … Continue reading Brutal

Night Terrors: Trail Running Fears

Remember how I told you that I signed up for the McDowell Mountain Ragnar?  It’s an overnight desert trail relay race.  Sounds fun right?  Eight teammates, camping, running at crazy hours… what’s not to love?  I was in from the moment I heard about it– and excited to do it.  Until… I was doing a little research the other day to learn a bit more … Continue reading Night Terrors: Trail Running Fears